Sonic Suds Laundry Services

At Sonic Suds Laundry, our team of expert attendants are available to assist you with your laundry needs including our popular wash, dry and fold service.


Self Serve Laundry

At Sonic Suds Laundry you have the use of enormous high spin washers and the most current model of dryers!
Our machines can handle every single one of your laundry needs!


Drop Off Laundry Service

At Sonic Suds Laundry let us do the work for you! All you will need to do is drop off your laundry and pick it up!
Our team of expert attendants will professionally wash,dry and fold your clothes for you!

Your Laundry Wash Dry and Folded Only $.99/ lb. (10 lb. minimum).

We process your laundry with premium soap and fabric softener. Each customers order is processed individually, to give it the up most care and attention. Our expertly trained staff will follow any special instructions that you may have.

At Sonic Suds Laundry, we are fully attended at all times making laundry convenient!